From The Studio: Purple and Yellow New York Wedding Invitations

February 22, 2012 § 1 Comment

Happy Workshop Wednesday y’all!

I’ve got lots of eye candy coming up over the next few weeks, but I realized the other day that I hadn’t featured an invite on the blog yet that I just loved working on!

Kathy (also a graphic designer!) emailed me from Miami to let me know she was having a New York themed wedding and searching for the perfect invite for their celebration. She found my original blog post on Kristy & James’ New York invitations (pictured below) and the rest is history. We had such a fun time working out the details of their suite, taking their NYC transportation theme and all-purple colour scheme to the next level!

While generally speaking our custom work is “from scratch”, we do from time to time have couples that fall in love with a certain suite and want to use that as inspiration for their own. In this case we re-used some of the elements from Kristy & James’ invite, as well as the general layout of the main invitation, and combined that with Carlos and Kathy’s more specific theme.

Here’s a reminder of what Kristy & James’ New York themed invites looked like:

Kathy loved the look of the middle invite panel, and wanted a very similar look for her invite as well (and although they loved the tri-fold idea, they were looking for a slightly more traditional panel invitation). Kathy and Carlos’ colours were strictly shades of purple and grey, so the original design called for those colours only.

But, after looking at the finished suite, there was that little *something* missing. While I love the look of modern and monochromatic, it needed a little…BAM! Enter the perfect complement to a beautiful regal purple – a hit of bright sunny yellow. So, we took the colour of the NYC cab (which was used on the back of the RSVP, not pictured) and brought a little bit of that signature pop of yellow into every element in the suite, to bring it all together.

Speaking of bringing it all together, we also added a belly band and address label with a checkboard pattern to complete the look!

One of my favourite parts of the suite was the custom map/timeline I created to continue the subway theme – with subway-sign style markers for the ceremony and reception, and a subway-stop timeline to let guests know about the evening’s activities.

While it certainly wasn’t the most original invite I worked on last year, it was one of my favourites – I just loved the colours, the theme and most of all the couple!

Congratulations Kathy and Carlos!

Day 30, 2011: Top 10 Invitations Of The Year – Wintery Hand Illustrated Letterpress Pocketfold Invitation

December 30, 2011 § 5 Comments

Wow – 30 days have absolutely flown by, and I can’t believe that we’ve just got one more post to go tomorrow to wrap-up 31 Days of Blogging Hath December, the Redux (and a wrap-up it shall be my friends!).

It has been a blast sharing info on etiquette, printing methods, invitation pricing/budgets and most of all my Top 10 favourite Hip Ink custom invitations from 2011.

I often say how difficult it is to pick “favourites” as a designer – it’s a bit like having tons of children and trying to choose which ones you like best. Difficult, and of course the newest one always seems to have a special place in your heart.

But, choosing my favourite invitation of 2011 was actually really easy, for so many reasons – lovely clients, a wonderful theme and colourscape to work with, the opportunity to challenge myself to mix printing methods I hadn’t before, and the opportunity to work with a super-talented colleague. What more could I have asked for?

So, without further ado, my favourite invitation of 2011 was…

Photos by Corina V. Photography

Danielle and Stephen’s Chateau Frontenac/Old Quebec winter-themed pocketfold invitation, featuring a mix of letterpress printing and beautiful hand-painted illustrations by Amy Tan of The TreeSpace Studio.

Yes, I’ve been talking about them forever, and showing sneak peeks on Twitter, but I *finally* get to show you the invitations in their finished state, as Danielle and Stephen were married yesterday in Quebec City (congratulations you two!).

I actually worked with Danielle’s mother and sister on this project (Lorrain and Andrea). They were immediately drawn to our Paris invitation at a bridal show in January, and knew they wanted something with a similar feeling, that would incorporate two specific illustrations – one of the Fairmont Le Cheateau Frontenac (where Danielle and Stephen’s wedding was taking place) and one of a wintery streetscape of Old Quebec.

They wanted something soft and romantic, with a pen and ink/watercolour feeling, and I knew exactly who to call – in fact, I remember blurting out in our first meeting, “I know the perfect illustrator!”. The perfect illustrator was Amy Tan from The Treespace Studio – Amy is an invitation designer in her own right as well, creating some of the most personal and beautiful invitations out there, and I knew her amazing style was perfect for this project (and I was right!).

We had used letterpress to create Danielle and Stephen’s save-the-dates, and I thought it was the perfect mix of modern and old-world for the wedding invitation as well. But…I knew that letterpress was definitely not going to work for the illustration portion of the invite. So, just like peanut butter and jelly, we made two very different printing methods the best of friends – first we sent off the invites and inserts to be letterpress printed (on Crane Lettra cotton stock), and then once we had them in studio we reproduced Amy’s beautiful illustrations on our in-house photo printer (and I caught up on Pinterest while I hand fed each one!).

And here is the result:

The illustrations so beautifully captured the Chateau in winter, with a warm glow emanating from the windows and a snowy Old Quebec street scene, with the bride and groom making a special appearance.

While the colour scheme was a very traditional silver, white and dark blue, we added in shades of lavender to both the illustrations and the belly band, as well as the warm yellow-orange that added warmth to the illustrations and overall piece.

The pocketfold was also something that Danielle wanted from the outset, and we choose a luxurious heavyweight Envelopments pocketfold in Tahitian Pearl, a gorgeous silver textured metallic stock – the perfect complement to tie everything together.

The finishing touch was a belly band, printed with Danielle and Stephen’s name and wedding date, to keep everything in place.

I also had the chance to create a number of ceremony and reception items for Danielle and Stephen’s big day, which I hope to feature in a few weeks time as well.

Hope you enjoyed our 2011 trip down memory lane. I’m so excited to get to work on 2012’s Top 10 contenders 😉

Check back tomorrow for our 31st and last post of December, all about where we’ve been in 2011 and where we’re going in 2012 – we’d love to have you along for the ride!

Day 24, 2011: Top 10 Invitations Of The Year – Rustic Muskoka Wood Invitation Set

December 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

Photographs by Corina V. Photography

Getting excited – it’s Christmas Eve and the last couple of invitations to show off in our Top 10 before I reveal my favourite Hip Ink invite of 2011 (on December 30th)!

Today, it’s one of the Muskoka cottage destination weddings we did this summer – both couples coincidentally chose maple wood veneer main invitations to reflect their rustic themes.

Andrea and Craig were looking for an invitation that combined what their big day (and wedding weekend!) was about – casual, rustic elegance, celebrating the feeling and beauty of the natural setting where their wedding was taking place (Lake of Bays).

Craig loved the idea of incorporating a postcard with a photo of the area, and Andrea wanted to also have a vintage feel, reminiscent of love letters or other correspondence.

The main invite was digitally printed on a heavy maple wood veneer, and featured faded “stamps” – including a moose (which we all thought was just the right touch of Canadian humour).

The postcard featured a faded map of the area in the background, and included all the pertinent info for Andrea and Craig’s big day, and the RSVP was designed to look like an old telegram, with staggered lettering and a distressed typeface. The package was tied together with twine and a die-cut tag, and the various mix and match pieces came together to create an invitation that was able to mix rustic, casual, elegant and vintage into one (very cute) package.

This was a project that truly captured Andrea and Craig’s vision for their wedding weekend, and we had a blast coming up with all the little details!

On that note, Merry Christmas to all (and to all a good night)!



Day 11, 2011: Top 10 Invitations Of The Year – Whimsical Alice In Wonderland Bridal Shower Invitation

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ok, so yesterday we showed you Rachel’s Hawaii-inspired bridal shower invitation and today we’re back with her sister-in-law Diana’s amazing Alice in Wonderland invitations.

This invitation suite truly was one of my very favourite this year – I was given a theme, colour scheme, and the direction that Diana wanted to incorporate quotes from the Lewis Carroll text on the invitations somehow. Beyond that, I was allowed the opportunity to run with it and design something very different from the standard bridal shower invite!

All photos by Corina V. Photography

The original concept was actually to have the suite arrive in a box with black and white polka-dot tissue and a tied together with a skeleton key, but ultimately we decided to go with a more simple presentation. Afterall, there was still a wedding invitation that needed to go out as well!

The invitations featured gold foil stamping on the backside (I loved the keyhole detail on the invitation, meant to allude to Alice looking through the keyhole and seeing the enchanted garden beyond) and Alice-themed silhouettes on the various invitation pieces.

You may have noticed that bride’s name on the invite pictured is Alice and not Diana, right? That’s because I was impatient to get this up on the blog and wanted to keep the real info under wrap, so we created a number of samples for “Alice”

I loved the opportunity to create an invitation that was a bit more whimsical than what I’m used to designing, and one that allowed me to play with some gorgeous bright colours and textures of paper. Finding and choosing the quotes used on the invite was also a lot of fun!

It seems like this was also our most popular design of 2011 it seems (so far at least!) – the original post was our most viewed “From The Studio/Workshop Wednesday” post of the year, and we’ve had numerous requests for similar invitations as Alice in Wonderland is still going strong as a bridal shower and party theme.

Next weekend we’ll be looking back at some more of our favourites from this year, so y’all come back now, ya hear!

Day 10, 2011: Top 10 Invitations Of The Year – Tropical Hawaiian Bridal Shower Invitation

December 10, 2011 § 1 Comment

it’s that time again (ie. the weekend!) to show off some of our work from this past year, and thIs weekend we’re taking a look back at two fab bridal shower invitations we had the pleasure of working on for the lovely brides of two brothers.

First up, it’s Rachel’s tropical Hawaiian-themed shower invites (we showed you a peek at Rachel & Joey’s wedding invitation last weekend!).

All photos by Corina V. Photography

Rachel wanted something elegant and bright that had a cool island vibe, but that wasn’t over-the-top when it came to the Hawaiian theme. I immediately thought of using Basho Japanese Cane (a herringbone woven bamboo paper) somehow, as it has a beautiful texture that cojures up swaying palm trees and warm island breezes.

There were originally two similar concepts, the first using line drawings of hibiscus flowers and the second the sea-life concept you see above. I was so thrilled that Rachel chose the “under the sea” style, as it’s just a little unexpected and fun.

The Japanese Cane pocketfolders were made by hand specifically for this project, and they were held together by a band of palm frond patterned vellum, with the phrase “She said I’ll Marry You on the island of Oahu”, referring to Joey’s romantic Hawaii proposal. The coordinating brightly coloured outer and rsvp envelopes added a bit of pop and kept things casual and fun.

The invite and insert card were printed on a textured 100% cotton stock, to give an organic natural feel to the printed pieces. We originally discussed the idea of letterpress printing, but ultimately the timeline would not support it. Although they were digitally printed, the overall design and graphics were meant to be reminiscent of a letterpress design.

Come back tomorrow for a look back at Rachel’s new sister-in-law Diana’s fab Alice in Wonderland invitations!

Day 4, 2011: Top 10 Invitations Of The Year – Rustic Elegant Boxed Wood Invitation

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Today’s invite was probably the suite I’ve spent the most hours working on in the history of Hip Ink – between design consultations and discussions about packaging and materials etc., it was a labour of love…but it was all worth it.

Nicole and Matt were married in cottage country in cozy old church (everyone arrived and left the ceremony by boat) and had a full weekend celebration planned for their guests. They wanted to send each of their invited guests something that was highly personal and that set the tone for their big day.

We eventually decided on a typography based invite that mixed casual and elegant, printed on a beautiful maple wood veneer. Invites were hand-delivered in a box filled with moss and also containing a package with multiple inserts, including a weekend itinerary.

My favourite touch was drawing featured on the front of the box – a drawing created by Nicole’s grandfather years ago of the area where they were getting married. It lent such a beautiful and touching personal aspect to the invitation.

Hopefully you’ll be seeing more of this one (and Nicole and Matt’s beautiful wedding) soon!

Photo by Corina V. Photography

Day 3, 2011: Top 10 Invitations Of The Year – Elegant Venetian Inspired Silver & White Panel Invitation

December 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

{late due to technical difficulties}

Really excited to share a sneak peek at another of my very favourite invites for 2011!

This invite was created for an opulent wedding with Venetian theme in silver and white, and the aim was to combine style and printing methods to create a final invitation that mixed traditional elegance with a modern twist. Rachel and Joey wanted something that was ornate, in keeping with their theme, but also simple in design.

While I can’t reveal the full set quite yet, the invite itself was a 7″x7″ panel printed on 600gsm Crane Lettra stock using both debossing and foil stamping techniques and showcasing some lovely custom calligraphy.

I loved the thickness of the stock, and the amazing texture creating by debossing the pattern on the edges of the card, and we were all thrilled with the final results.

More to come soon!

Photo by Corina V. Photography

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