Luxe Destination Wedding Invitation – Grasscloth and Sand Dollar

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We’re baaaaaaack!

So, I promised a Thursday post, and here it is for your viewing pleasure 🙂

Today I’m happy to share with you Scott and Lisa’s invitation for their wedding next year in the Dominican Republic. Lisa wanted a destination invitation that reflected a natural elegance, incorporating rustic sea-themed features with a more formal aesthetic, incorporating a colour scheme of bronze and aqua. Guests were treated to a gorgeous metallic bronze envelope with wrap around address label, and inner metallic aqua pocket envelope and inside the main event, their beautiful rustic-beach-chic invite! The same bronze and aqua papers were topped with luxurious 100% cotton paper on a grasscloth background, finished with a real sand dollar embellishment.

I’m happy to report that Lisa and Scott were thrilled with their invitations (ordered through The Wedding Holiday) and hopefully their guests will be just as thrilled to join them on their fantastic wedding holiday to the Dominican Republic! In addition to the “Our Wedding Holiday” line, available exclusively through The Wedding Holiday, Hip Ink also creates custom destination wedding invitations and we’d be happy to work with you to send your guests a little glimpse into the paradise that awaits them on *your* wedding holiday!

New York themed Bat Miztvah Invites – I.Heart.NY

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I’ll take a bit of a break this week from pontificating on DIY and the sticky “+1” situations and do something I haven’t done for a while – show off what we do at Hip Ink!

I recently completed invitations for a New York themed Bat Mitzvah, with the luncheon theme being a modern take on Waldorf-Astoria-style glamour. A palette of charcoal grey and Tiffany blue set the perfect tone, with a subtle NYC skyline on the front of the invite and embossing featuring heavily both on the outside and inside of the invitation.

Next up was the evening party invitation, with the opportunity to go full on NYC club glam. The purple and silver patterned outer pocket envelope and black ribbon with rhinestone buckle was a perfect complement to the inner silver foil on black linen invite, finished with a vellum wrap repeating the New York skyline image. Had *so* much fun designing these invites – almost as much as Jennifer did on her big day!

I’m hoping to start a new routine of posting on Tuesdays (my point of view on all things wedding stationery) and Thursdays (hot off the press Hip Ink designs), so yes, I’ve already messed things up. I’ll remedy that with another invitation post on Thursday, just to make it up to you 😉

Modern Invitation Etiquette: The Dreaded “And Guest” or “+1”

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So, let it be known – I am not a stickler for old-school etiquette. I think many of the articles out there on etiquette stressing people out how to address their outer envelope versus inner envelope are just a lot of unnecessary hot air. Have you ever received a beautiful invitation only to open it and be horrified at the lack of inner envelope…thought not. For the record, 95% of Hip Ink brides choose *not* to have an inner envelope, even for the most formal of weddings, and those that do often choose the additional envelope to protect the invite and make sure it arrives in good condition, and do not even bother to address it!

My personal view is that etiquette is really dictated by the formality of your event. A formal wedding probably calls for invitations that arrived addressed to “Mr. and Mrs. Elvis Presley” (er, or not – see below). Conversely, if you are having a casual, informal wedding, you may want to address your invites to “Uncle Elvis and Aunt Priscilla” and I think that’s just fine.

Aside: I have a personal disdain for being addressed as “Mrs. William Spano”, since personally I’m Sarah Quadrini Spano, thank you very much. For my own wedding I chose to address the older couples we were sending invitations to in the above traditional manner, but most of the younger couples as simply “Priscilla and Elvis Presley” (and yes, this is the correct order – a man’s first and last name should never be separated apparently). And of course we had a few “Mr. Elvis Presley and Mrs. Priscilla Beaulieu Presley”s as well. If you are aware that a woman does not use her husband’s name personally or uses both (hyphenated or otherwise), then please address the invitation in that manner. If you want to try and please everyone, you can always just include both names as “Mr. Elvis Presley and Mrs. Priscilla Presley”…or…do what makes you comfortable, but it is always appropriate to take into account the person you are inviting and what their preference may be. Rant over. Back to our regularly scheduled blog!

But…I must admit that there are a few things that do bother me a bit when I see them on clients’ guest lists, and generally it involves the use of “and guest”.

I will leave the discussion of whether you should or shouldn’t invite single people with guests to someone else. That is a personal decision that only you can make, and it can be a touchy subject. There are probably 1.35 gazillion articles online about that very topic, so if you feel the need for guidance, check out the interwebs. Forums on popular wedding planning sites are a good way to find out what other brides are doing these days and how they are handling this sticky situation.

Notice I said “single” – married, engaged and cohabiting (that’s a fancy word for living together) couples should *always* be invited together! Priscilla would probably be persnickety if the invite was addressed to “The King” only 😉

Miss Manners and Emily Post and lots of other people who know something about proper etiquette will tell you that it is never acceptable to use the term “and guest”; every person who is invited should be named specifically on the invitation. If you care enough to invite someone to your wedding, you should care enough to find out who they would like to bring with them. In this particular circumstance, I agree. Yes, if you are having an absolutely huge wedding with 800 guests of whom 100 are single and you can’t be bothered to call them all and find out, I guess you’re forgiven. But, for the average bride these days, there really are few people who would be invited with an “unknown” guest anyway, so its always appropriate to at least *try* to find out who they might be bringing.

If finding out in advance isn’t an option, you could always include a handwritten note with the invitation along the lines of “Dear Alistair, you are certainly welcome to bring a guest to the wedding if you’d like. Please let me know who you’ll be escorting to our soiree, and we’ll have a glass of champagne waiting. All the best, Petunia”. Well okay, maybe not exactly like that, but you get the idea.

For me the worst faux pas has to be using “and guest” on day-of wedding stationery, such as placecards, escort cards, seating charts etc. Alarm bells go off in my head when I see this on a client’s guest list. Newsflash ladies and gents: it is not cute to show up at a wedding and grab an escort card that says “Frannie Bigglesworth and Guest” (and by the way, double-wrong – for single ladies use “and Escort” not “and Guest”). How do you think Mr. And Guest is going to feel about that. Probably pretty lousy to be honest, unless Frannie just grabbed him off the street so she wouldn’t have to go to the wedding alone.

If you must address your invitations with “and Guest” or “and Escort”, I guess I can let it slide, but *please* try to find out who your guest is bringing to *your* wedding (don’t you want to know anyway so you can Google or facebook stalk them to make sure there are no photos of them dancing with the punchbowl on their head at someone else’s wedding!?!). Its a small thing, you can probably send a quick email or text message rather than call, but it does make a big difference to how you are perceived: and, it’s just plain-old nice.

What do you think? Is it totally fine to refer to someone’s guest generically, even the day of the wedding, or an extreme breach of etiquette that will reserve you a place in the naughty bride corner? I’d love to hear *your* thoughts!

Hip Ink introduces exclusive DIY invitation workshops for Southern Ontario brides

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So, I promised a follow up to our DIY series, a DIY chaser if you will, and here it is:

Have you decided to DIY, but feeling a bit overwhelmed? Unsure where to start, how to start…how to finish? Worried your invitations may end up looking “homemade” instead of handmade? We’ve got the perfect solution!

Beginning in February of 2011, Hip Ink will be offering exclusive DIY Invitation Workshops for crafty-types who are looking for a head start on creating the invitation of their dreams!

Hip Ink will be conducting a DIY workshop once a month, especially for brides and grooms (although others are certainly welcome), to share our tips and tricks for fantastic DIY invites.

Our very first workshop will be held on February 26, 2011 from 2-5 pm at the Hip Ink Studio in Burlington, Ontario.

For a limited time, we’ll be offering a special launch rate of $75, which will include a 3-hour workshop at the Hip Ink studios, directed by owner Sarah Spano. You’ll enjoy the company of a small group of fellow brides (a maximum of 6 participants will be accommodated for each workshop), a discussion on all the pertinent topics relating to creating your own wedding invitation, the opportunity to create and assemble a sample invitation, followed by questions and one-on-one consultation with each participant. Of course, you’ll have a chance to view our selection of papers, tools and supplies, and you’ll be treated to yummy refreshments and a take-home guide packed with all the tips and tricks you’ve learned. Best of all, you’ll receive a special discount on any and all supplies you purchase!

DIY invites can be fun and rewarding, but there can be pitfalls along the way, and what often begins as a way to save money can end up just the opposite. Mistakes are costly, both in time and money, and there are few local resources which can compete with our paper selection and prices.

Think of your $75 investment as “invitation insurance”. You’ll leave with the confidence and know-how to create your very own invitation masterpiece to dazzle your friends and family.

If you are interested in attending one of our workshops, drop us a line at Live outside of Southern Ontario but wish you could attend? Let us know – we’re contemplating the idea of a webinar to reach those brides who can’t be with us in person, so let us know you’re interested and we’ll update you when we’ve got an online broadcast set up!

How invitations can make wishes come true: Wish Upon a Wedding

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Wish Upon a WeddingDid you know that wedding invitations (and dresses, and cakes, and flowers…) can make dreams come true for couples in need? What if you could purchase items for your wedding that helped other brides and grooms experience a beautiful wedding day? What if instead of favours, you gave your guests the knowledge that you were granting wishes on their behalf? Wedding vendors, what if 1% of your profits could bring immeasurable joy? Would you do it?

You can.

I had a blog post ready to go this week as a chaser to our DIY series, but I felt I needed to talk about the importance and the joy in giving back by doing what you do best.

I only recently found out about Wish Upon a Wedding, an organization founded by Liz Guthrie in 2009, whose mission is to provide “weddings & vow renewals for couples facing terminal illness and other serious life-altering circumstances, regardless of sexual orientation”. It immediately struck me what an amazing concept Wish Upon a Wedding is, bringing together vendor donations with the donations of other brides, grooms and guests, to provide weddings to deserving couples.

I am in the process of becoming a “wish granter” (I’m keeping my fingers crossed) and am pledging 1% of my profits to Wish Upon a Wedding, Hip Ink‘s charity of choice.

We have also donated 50 Passport Destination Wedding Invitations to “Bid Your Wish for Wedded Bliss“, an online auction benefiting Wish Upon a Wedding. Over 330 wedding-related items are available, donated by vendors all over the US (and Canada), and the proceeds will go directly to granting the wishes of couples deserving of a very special wedding day. Brides, I encourage you to check out all of the fantastic items available. The auction began October 4th and runs until November 30, 2010, and we are looking forward to working with the lucky couple who purchases our fantastic passport invites.

Fellow wedding vendors, take a moment and visit Wish Upon a Wedding – read and see the stories of some of the beautiful couples they have worked with so far. I guarantee you will feel exactly as I did – you *can* make a difference by doing what you do best.

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